I’ve seen a dramatic difference in what he feels is what his normal life is.
I have great range of motion with my neck with no pain. I’m able to lift my hand over my head, and I feel like I’m on track to continue to improve as I age. And it’s been a great experience, so I highly recommend it.
— Brenda B.
I don’t have any of the dizziness anymore, I don’t have any nausea, and I’m, you know, able to live my life for the first time, which is definitely really exciting.
— Sarah R
I am eternally grateful to be able to have a team who supports me both physically and emotionally.
— Kate H
I’m holding my alignment...I don’t have any more of that pain...I didn’t think that was possible, and not having to take any sort of pain reliever...That’s important to me
— Raya
I really feel that this is what I’ve been looking for for so many years, and I’m looking forward to many years of good health and no headaches.
— Gail
I have not had any vertigo since I came here...it was a dramatic difference. I felt much steadier as time went by. I got some of my hearing back...which was remarkable.
— Jeremy
I used to have headaches, and I haven’t been having headaches like I did.
— Ryan T
Since getting adjusted and getting checked out, I’ve been able to go back to the gym, and workout without any pain and numbness. And tingling from my left arm is gone. My back is straightened completely out. I don’t have any pains or aches like I did before. I feel younger again.
— Craig G
6 months in and I feel pretty much back to normal. I can exercise. I don’t feel as tired, I’m sleeping, I wasn’t sleeping very well before. And I really owe it all to Arete Chiropractic. I’ve tried alternative things before, other chiropractors and just never felt that it was really helping. and now I feel like my body’s responding to something that makes sense.
— Janelle
Be your own advocate and try what seems to work for you, but I have certainly found that getting to the core of what the problem is as opposed to masking it with medication is really the way to help yourself get back to a normal life. And that’s what this has done for me.
— Kim P.
After my first adjustment my pain went from an 8 to a 4. I couldn’t believe it, I thought I was just fooling myself. And then I came back and continued and now I can referee without going to get steroid shots, I’ve completely given up the idea of surgery, which I’m very excited about. And I would recommend this, I have recommended this to everybody that I know.
— Lauren B
“I got my life back. Prior to treatment and you adjusting me, I was kind of living on the peripheral. Physically I was involved in things at work and family life, but mentally I was outside of all that. I was just kind of watching it all happen.”
— Scottie
“I have received consistently great care since starting about 5 months ago. I came to Dr. Beebe for chronic (daily) headaches and neck pain, and I’ve now been essentially headache and pain free for over a month and a half. Dr. B worked out a plan that got me the necessary care but did not make me broke. Besides being flexible and honest up front, I appreciate Dr. Beebe’s recommendations to focus on overall health and not well-being, not just fixing one part of the body. It IS all connected!”
— Megan O.
Dr. Evans listened to my description of where I hurt, took some x-rays, found the problem, and adjusted my C1 vertebrae. Within 24 hours the headaches were gone and I was feeling much better.
— Michael W.
“Dr. Beebe is sincere, compassionate and effective. I have been to several chiropractors over the past few years. What I like most about Dr. Beebe’s approach is her precision! I always leave feeling SO much better. The effects have lasted over the past few months.I can’t say enough about her professionalism, her kindness and accuracy. She is truly here to help you!”
— Jenna B.
“ I’ve been receiving treatment at Health First for about a month, and already my lower back and neck feel SO much better. Dr. Beebe is awesome, and the entire team is very friendly and accommodating. If you are up in the air about going in for a visit, do yourself a favor and make and appointment now.”
— Paul E.
After my first visit, I must say I have never had a chiropractor place so much care and emphasis on my well being. Dr. Tyler Evans did a great job on digging and trying to find the root cause of my neck problems instead of just adjusting like other chiropractors have in the past.
— Shaun T.
“Dr. B has done miracles on my neck, back, jaw, ankle...you name it she has fixed it. Being a college athlete came with plenty of injuries and I haven’t felt this great in years.”
— Becky G.
“In one adjustment my pain went away! I mean 10 years worth of pain and suffering just went away and I could breathe. What I like about this chiropractor is that the fact that I am a science person and I like evidence. This therapy focuses on health and not constant chiropractor visits. “
— Maria G.