Vertigo’s Many Underlying Causes

Vertigo (the spinning sensation) is a common medical condition that is often the symptom of something else. Sometimes the underlying factor is directly related to the ear and is referred to as peripheral vertigo. At other times, the problem is related to the nervous system and is called central vertigo. As we will discuss, both types of vertigo may be connected to a misalignment in the neck.

Examples of Peripheral and Central Vertigo

Peripheral vertigo causes include:

  • Head or neck trauma – Many cases of vertigo begin after an injury occurs such as a concussion or whiplash.

  • Labyrinthitis – An ear infection can cause fluid buildup in the ear.

  • Meniere’s disease – A rare vestibular condition often related to a lesion on the Eustachian tube.

Central vertigo causes include:

  • Migraines – This neurovascular condition may have vertigo along with headaches, but there does not have to be a severe headache in order for the condition to be classified as a migraine.

  • MS (multiple sclerosis) – MS can cause vertigo as the central nervous system becomes damaged.

  • Medication side effects – Some medications, particularly those that affect the brain, may cause vertigo.

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How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Helps with Vertigo

Case studies not only reveal that vertigo can be relieved by upper cervical chiropractic care (check out this example that involved 60 patients), but it is effective for helping those with nearly all of the conditions noted above. Case studies examine the benefits of an upper cervical adjustments following head and neck trauma, for Meniere’s patients, MS patients, and those suffering from migraines. Plus, many individuals have been able to break free from some prescription medications when the adjustments relieved the underlying problem.

If you are suffering from vertigo, especially if you have experienced any kind of head or neck injury in the past, we encourage you to give upper cervical chiropractic a try. This gentle and precise form of chiropractic care is helping many to deal with chronic health problems caused by disruptions to the central nervous system as a result of misalignment.

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