The Difference Between Disequilibrium and Vertigo

While disequilibrium and vertigo are often both referred to under the blanket term of dizziness, they are two different symptoms. Since explaining your symptoms accurately to a health care professional is an important part of getting the help you need, here are a few things you should know in order to understand the difference between these conditions.

What Is Disequilibrium?

Disequilibrium refers to the sensation that one is about to fall or that it is necessary to obtain assistance to move without falling. It may even seem like the ground is beginning to slant, or a person may feel like he is floating about the ground. Disequilibrium can begin either in the inner ear or in the central nervous system, the vital components that make up the vestibular system.

In contrast, vertigo specifically refers to a false sense of motion. The room may seem to spin, or a person may feel like he is moving when he is actually sitting or standing still. It can also refer to motion that is interpreted inaccurately such as if a person is actually moving backward but feels like he is moving forward.

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The Upper Cervical Connection

Disequilibrium often arises following a head injury. There are numerous cases studies that connect head injuries to upper cervical misalignments. This is because the neck and the head often suffer injuries simultaneously. A neck misalignment, in turn, can create the right circumstances for disequilibrium to occur.

In short, if you are experiencing any type of dizziness following a fall, accident, or injury, it is a good idea to have your upper cervical spine examined for a misalignment. Even if the trauma occurred a number of years ago, correcting an existing subluxation can allow the body the opportunity to heal naturally. At Arete Chiropractic, we use the Blair upper cervical method to correct misalignments and help our patients improve their health. 

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