Best Yoga pose for "That Spot" in Your Upper Back

"That Spot" in your upper back, yes, you know the one that I'm talking about.  As an upper cervical chiropractor, I see many, many people coming into the office with pain in that triangle of the upper back.  Right above the shoulder blade, and below the base of the neck, just to the side of the spine, is one of the most common areas we humans feel neck and back pain.

"That spot" is one of the most common pain points because of the anatomy that's there.  Unfortunately it's also one of the most difficult places to stretch.  There are three main muscles that in that area:  trapezius muscle, rhomboid muscle, and levator scapulae muscle.  Those muscles literally attach your shoulder to your body via your spine.  With the hunched over postures we all have sitting, and with chronic computer and devise use, this area is constantly overworked.

This pose is one of the best poses for opening up that area and allowing it to stretch by opening up that upper back and neck.  If you're not able to connect the hands behind the back you can modify by holding a strap or towel.  As an added benefit it will also stretch the hamstring of the opposite leg.  You can hold this for as long as needed, and repeat as often as needed.   So next time a family member or co-worker talks about "that spot" in their upper back that they just can't get, show them this pose!