Upper Cervical Care Helps with Migraines and Post Concussion Syndrome

Meet Jen.  Jen came into our office in April with Post Concussion Symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, daily headaches, migraines, dizziness, memory loss, neck pain, low back pain and sciatica. Post concussion syndrome (or PCS) is diagnosed when a concussion's symptoms linger for longer than 30 days.

Jen had been dealing with migraines since she was in first grade, and chronic daily headaches nearly every day. She also suffered a concussion in February while playing soccer and had a couple of concussions prior to that, so the head and neck problems were starting to pile up. After careful analysis and a gentle correction to align her upper neck, her body is coming back to balance. 

Post concussion syndrome can last for months or even years so when Jen's body started to heal after the very first correction she knew she was in the right place. 

After being under care for eight weeks, Jen's migraines and headaches that she's had since first grade have mostly resolved . She has more energy and is able to get through a full work week without calling out and feels more clear when she is at work. Post concussion symptoms, headaches and migraines aren't ruling her life anymore!