Head Trauma Recovery with Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

6 months ago Bob came into see us and was suffering from headaches, neck pain, midback pain, low back pain, numbness and tingling in his hands and ringing in the ears or tinnitus. We partner with the Craniocervical Foundation (CCF) to provide subsidized Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care for active military, veterans, or those in financial need. The CCF was perfect for Bob because he had a bad head trauma when he was working construction a few years ago. This injury not only impacted his work, but also his social life and hobbies. While hiking, he would have a hard time keeping his pack on his back comfortably. At work his arms would go numb. He also reported that his tinnitus would increase with stress.

Bob didn't want the neck pain, back pain and headaches to be his new normal, so he checked out the CCF. Under the CCF Bob was able to make a near full recovery in less than 6 months. Now he can carry his pack comfortably on long hikes and not even think about it. The numbness and tingling in his hands is much better, the ringing in his ears is nearly gone, and his headaches, neck pain, and back pain are a thing of the past!

If you are dealing with any of these conditions and you would like to see if we can help reach out today!

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