Pediatric Chronic Constipation Helped with Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Today we are reviewing a paper that discusses the efficacy of chiropractic care for Pediatric Constipation. “The Successful chiropractic care of pediatric patients with chronic constipation a case series and selective review of the literature.”

3% of children are reported to struggle with constipation, and this may be underreported as it is a topic children and parents don’t like to talk about. According to this study, $800 million is spent each year on laxatives and pediatric constipation is the second most common thing patients visit the pediatric gastroenterologist for. Given the high success rate that chiropractors report with pediatric constipation, it is important that parents should know there are options out there to correct the problem with gentle pediatric chiropractic care. If you are a parent that has a child struggling with constipation, hard stools, painful or bloody stools, then gentle pediatric chiropractic care may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Call our office to find out more. 603.380.9184

In this study three case reports are presented. All three had great success. The first child was a 21 month old that had struggled with constipation from birth with bowel movements every 3-4 days with large painful bloody stools. After the initial chiropractic visit, the mother reported an immediate response with daily, but still painful stools. After 2 months of care the infant was reporting daily, painless bowel movements.

The second case involved a 7 month old that had been constipated since 2 months old. Her bowel movements occurred every 3 days and were hard and painful. After the second visit to the chiropractor the child was having pain-free bowel movements every one to two days.

The third child was a 21 month old with constipation for 11 months and was reporting a bowel movement once a week. On occasion the bowel movements would create rectal bleeding. Within ten days of chiropractic care the mother reported her daughter was having daily bowel movements but with straining still and fear around bowel movements. After three months of care the patient’s bowel movements became comfortable and constipation was completely resolved.

These are just three stories, but we have seen many cases just like this, and more parents should know there are other options out there. If you or a parent you know has a child struggling with chronic constipation, having a chiropractor evaluate the child for spinal misalignment is a non-invasive, gentle approach that helps the child’s body heal from the inside out. If you need more information please call our office at 603.380.9184