Vertigo Linked to Osteoporosis—How Your Neck Is Involved

Vertigo is a vestibular condition that involves the feeling that the room is spinning around a person. Often, the feeling is connected with a movement of the head or neck and is referred to as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. A study revealed a connection between vertigo and osteoporosis which is when a person experiences poor bone density. This explains why vertigo also becomes a more common symptom as a person ages.

The Vertigo Study

The study revealed that women with osteoporosis were nearly 3 times as likely to experience vertigo, and men with osteoporosis had about double the risk for vertigo. The connection between vertigo and bone density was also noticed in those who had osteopenia (low bone density, but not low enough to be considered osteoporosis yet).

The study noted that as women age and produce less estrogen that bone density decreases, and more women see an onset of vertigo after age 50 when bone mass and estrogen levels begin to drop more quickly. However, estrogen levels are not the issue with vertigo because men also experience the condition as bones deteriorate.

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Your Neck and Vertigo

One thing that this study did not address is the connection between the neck and vertigo. A misalignment of the C1 and C2 vertebrae can cause problems with the brainstem or blood flow to the brain. Vertigo can be just one of many resulting symptoms.

Whether osteoporosis has played a role in the misalignment or not, a gentle adjustment to correct the subluxation may be able to help with vertigo. Using the Blair technique, we help realign upper cervical subluxations resulting in last stabilization of the neck. This gives the body the opportunity to heal. Over time, adjustments hold for longer periods of time resulting in even more benefits and fewer visits.

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