Headaches—Why the Neck Is a Good Place to Start Looking for Help

Headaches are known for the pain they cause to the head, but the genesis of many of these headaches could be in the neck. In fact, it was recently reported in an article on news-press.com (a subsidiary of USA Today) that up to 20% of headaches are cervicogenic—in other words, headaches caused by a disorder of the neck.

One of the things that cause pinched nerves and other issues in the neck that result in headaches is poor posture. In fact, whether it is being hunched over an iPad binge watching a TV show or sitting a desk at work with a monitor that isn’t positioned correctly, it’s surprising that more people are not facing this kind of headache.

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Help in Coping with Headache Pain

We want to make two recommendations for dealing with headaches. The first is to watch your posture at all times. Try sleeping on your back at night or on your side with a pillow between your knees rather than on your stomach. When sitting, make sure you are in a seat where your knees can bend at a 90-degree angle and your feet touch the floor (or use a footstool). Try to keep mobile devices at eye level by placing them on a stand on a table rather than leaning your head forward to look at them. Pay attention to your posture when standing and walking so that your head is not leaning forward. Proper posture will help reduce the occurrence of headaches.

Second, we encourage you to come in for a consultation at Arete Chiropractic. Even a slight misalignment of the upper neck can make proper posture feel unnatural. Plus, it can cause the rest of the spine to shift as the body compensates in order to keep your head straight. We use the Blair technique of upper cervical chiropractic to identify and correct such misalignments, and the result may be help for headache pain. 

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