Dizziness—What It Can Mean Following a Concussion

Dizziness can have many causes, but when the symptoms start after an injury to the head such as a concussion, the problem may actually be in your neck. What is the connection between head trauma and dizziness? Where can you look to for help in coping with dizziness after head or neck trauma?

Dizziness and concussions were connected again in the news lately as Cavs player Kevin Love was forced to leave a game after hitting his head on the court. He started to feel dizzy, was diagnosed with a concussion, and spent the rest of the game follow NBA protocols which involve leaving the court area to be in an environment that is quiet and distraction free.

That’s just one example of dizziness starting following an injury to the head. Many have experienced the same symptom after everything from a fall down the stairs to a car accident. If you feel your dizziness is connected to a recent or even a past head injury, what can you do?

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Upper Cervical Care Provides Natural Benefits for Dizziness Sufferers

When a head injury is sustained, the neck is often jarred as well. If the upper vertebrae (the C1 and C2) misalign as a result of the injury, long lasting effects can occur, dizziness included. At Arete Chiropractic, we use the Blair method of upper cervical chiropractic to identify and correct this specific type of misalignment.

If you are worried about having your neck ‘popped’ following an injury, we can put your mind at ease. Upper cervical care is very different from general chiropractic. There is no ‘popping’ or ‘twisting’ involved, just a gentle correction that is long lasting. This allows any damaged caused by the misalignment to begin healing. If you are suffering from dizziness following a head or neck injury, come in for a consultation to find out what upper cervical chiropractic can do for you. 

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