Blood, Sweat and S**T...

It has been fun reflecting on this past year.   And I want to share what it took for the first couple of months.  We have had our share of ups & downs but we always knew that we had a passion and a purpose to help others heal and it was worth the work to make it happen.

We were traveling from Seattle to New England with the only goal to be successful. We arrived in New England and prepared to start a life together.  One of the first things we did was get married.  My brilliant if acerbic sister and maid of honor for the wedding, pointed out during her speech that while we were both “Doctors” we were in fact ‘homeless’ ‘jobless’ and ‘living at grandma’s house’.  ALL of this was completely true, and let me tell you, don’t knock living at grandma’s.  The food there is the BEST you’ll ever have.  However, three months later we did move out of Grandma’s house and moved up to the New Hampshire Seacoast area.  And guess what… the first job I had, was shoveling horse shit, um, feces… no actually I mean shit. 

 The lease on the first rental space fell through and pushed our open date back another three months so in an effort to bring some money in, I would be up at 5 am and work at the horse barn until afternoon, then come home and work on the business plan.   I’ve worked food service my entire life and had some connections in the Seacoast, I could have made more money in less smelly circumstances, but did I really want to be serving someone their martini on Friday night and trying to establish a professional relationship with them Monday morning?  I think not.  That and if you know me, you know that I love working with animals, particularly horses.  However, I’m glad to say I’m done with that stop gap.   So with hard work and lots of ups and downs we were well on the way to our dream.

Can’t wait to share more….  Yours in Health, Dr. Beebe. 

Come Celebrate our 1 year Anniversary with us! Fantastic Door Prizes, Food, Drinks... and Grandma's cookies.   Hope to see you there!  @ Arete Chiropractic April 7th 5pm-7pm.