We Are Almost One...A Look Back On The Past Year That Got Us Here...

Our ONE year anniversary as a business here in Portsmouth is FAST approaching and we wanted to take time time to reflect on everything that has brought us here and share it with you! 

Here is an inside scoop from both of us! 

From Mychal:

When I told my financial planner back in Seattle what I wanted to do she hurriedly tried to cover up the expression of shock and disbelief while simultaneously trying to think of a way to talk me out of my very ‘high risk’ plan.   You see I had just told her that I was going to leave my 6 figure paying clinic in Seattle WA(which I had built from the ground up- but didn’t own) with my then boyfriend (also a chiropractor) to move across the country and open our own practice in Portsmouth NH.  The New Hampshire location would allow us a couple of things;  for myself, we would be closer to family, and in an area where we could purchase some land to have horses in the future, for my now husband, he would be close enough to the ocean to surf.   

This was the 5th time that I personally have driven across the country, coast to coast, and each time I am awed by the North American Continent.  The diversity of the landscape, the people and the feeling of each area.  It teaches me new things every time.  Yet when landing in New England I had a sense of homecoming, a knowing my heart that I arrived.  Simultaneously I was gearing up for another birth.  I had birthed a practice, a business, in Seattle and now, we were preparing for the same process again…   

From Tyler: 

After four years of practicing Blair upper cervical chiropractic in separate practices in Washington state my fiancé and I had decided to pack up and move across the country to start a new life. We were just starting to get comfortable in our lives in Seattle but we were missing the family component. So we decided to move closer to our family. It was August of 2015 and we had both just finished a three year post graduate program. We both then went through the process of handing off our practices to very capable doctors and saying goodbye to the patients we had grown to know and care for. 

Our trip across the country had many stops along the way to visit friends and family of ours. Two weeks after we left Seattle we landed in Tolland, CT with our lives in a truck and our hopes and dreams starting to come true. On September 12th 2015 Mychal Beebe and I got married and celebrated with friends and family from all over the United States and Canada. Three days later we packed up and went to Costa Rica for four weeks taking our honeymoon knowing we were going to be working hard for at least the next 3-5 years with very little down time. Surfing, hiking, relaxing, and adventuring our way through Costa Rica. After four weeks we had climbed the tallest mountain in the country, traveled most of the west coast, hiked into the caldera of an extinct volcano, had surf lessons, and gotten robbed by capuchin monkeys.

When we got back to the states we quickly worked to find a place to live and work in the Seacoast. I had never been to the Seacoast before we moved and quite frankly I was very scared. I had done my research and was excited to live in a place that I could get to the ocean to surf and live in a city that was medium to small sized but full of good culture and good people. It took us a little while to find a place to live, and find a place to practice. Once we got settled we quickly got to work and by the last week of March 2016 we were ready and open for business. 

It took us longer than we thought but once we were up and running everything was clicking and we haven’t looked back since!