Improve Balance With Side Plank

Happy Wellness Wednesday! WE ARE BACK! We had to take last week off to soak up our one year anniversary, which was SUCH a success and honestly overwhelming with the amount of love & support we received! Thank you to EVERYONE who has been there for us! We cannot wait to see what this next year brings for us and our patients! 

So here we are, week 4 of Wellness Wednesday and we are talking all about balance this week. We preach a lot about keeping your body in balance for optimal health, but some people have a hard time with stability and balance because their core strength is weak. One way that we suggest combating that is practicing effective yoga poses, like the side plank. Done properly, the side plan strengthens your obliques and engages your back and legs. All of those large muscle groups working together correctly improves balance. 

Check out our video for correct form!